Milunka’s cottage restaurant

In the cen­ter of Zlat­i­bor, in the place of the old restau­rant Cot­tage, new, redone and ren­o­vated ras­tau­rant called Milunka’s cot­tage is opened. In the com­pletely new attire, national ser­bian restau­rant is offer­ing a vari­ety of orig­i­nal ser­bian food and drinks. Milunka’s cot­tage is named after widely known and famous cook in whose artistry of prepar­ing food are many con­vinced. Con­ve­nient food price, pre­pared in an excel­lent way, pleas­ant envi­ron­ment and pro­fes­sional and kind staff is what makes Milunka’s cot­tage spe­cial among other Zlat­i­bor restau­rant. Restau­rant exte­rior doesn’ t stand out from Zlat­i­bor land­scape. There is a won­der­ful view from spa­cious gar­den from which you can enjoy fresh sum­mer nights as well as sun­bath on the win­ter sun. Kind­ness and hos­pi­tal­ity are hon­est and true as well as every­thing else in this restau­rant. Guests that are located in Zlat­i­bor are offered the posi­bil­ity of bor­der­ing house, accord­ing to their own wishes and choise. We also organ­ise dif­fer­ent kind of cel­e­bra­tions: 1st birth­days, com­pany cel­e­bra­tions, 18th birth­days and many oth­ers in which restau­rant Milunka’s cot­tage has proven as excel­lent choise!
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About us

How did we man­age to bring the home atmos­phere into our restau­rant? How we man­age to greet and say good­bye with a smile to every our guest? How come our every dish is the best dish you ever tasted?
Very simple…We have our heart set on every­thing! And so we don’t get mod­est there is also a lot of knowl­edge there, gained dur­ing a long period of time. We mea­sured for years how much salt we need to put, how much sugar, how to stay kind and not to be intrusive…And we are sure we found the right measure!
Hard work, hearty smile, pleas­ant ‘Wel­come’ and hon­est ‘Come again’ , briefly, that is how we man­age things! You can only imag­ine how it looks like when the music plays in the evening! No, no we can not reveal that to you… We are invit­ing you to come to our restau­rant, next time you will want to come back on your own, because Milunka’s Cot­tage is the cot­tage of all our guests!
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What you have try in our restaurant

In our restau­rant we serve home­made spe­cial­ties in grand por­tions! You can’t help but won­der what you will try when you visit Milunka’s cottage?
For break­fast I rec­om­mend: warm ban with kaj­mak, Zlat­i­bor spe­cialty – kom­plet ban, pie with home­made dough, kaca­mak made of corn bread from water­mill , Milunka’s breakfast…Since you will not be able to resist our gourmets, we are expect­ing you on lunch with home­made soups and chow­ders, wed­ding cab­bage, veal ribic in kaj­mak, zlat­i­bor muck­alica, roasted veal, Zlat­i­bor steak, bar­beque spe­cial­ties and fish spe­cial­ties. And after you sweeten all that with Milunka’s baklava and home­made pies you can go peace­ful but only till morn­ing and a new break­fast when we wel­come you at the same place in our and your Milunka’s cottage.
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There will be until our customers are satisfied with us and our service!